Diverging From The Path Of Life

I look around me, and I see everyone walking a similar path of life.

Education -> Marriage -> Children -> Death

The problem isn’t that it’s a wrong path; it’s a correct one.

The problem is that it’s too straight of a journey; there aren’t really any twists and turns.

Wait–let me clarify before you attempt to attack me, (probably hoping to make me look stupid in the process; it won’t work.)

There ARE twists and turns in life in regards to problems and stress.

But when looking at it from a different perspective, this path that everyone is traveling on is…devoid of passion, excitement, and adventure.

Sure, you might go on something you deem to be an ‘adventure’ but a true adventure–one only fiction novels create? No.

It’s kind of sad to be honest that we’re forced on this monotone journey.

But here’s the thing: Instead of being an ass and saying ‘Boo hoo, life is like that–deal with it.’

No. For me, I won’t ‘deal with it.’ I will pave my own journey so that I may look back on life with pride.

This is why I always try my best to take on different challenges–to add on that flare to those twists and turns.

Essentially, yes the cycle will remain the same.

But at the same time, it won’t be if we at least attempt to break it.

This is why when I’m close to giving up, I push myself even harder at that moment–to attain that dream of a life.

This is my mantra, and I forward it to you…

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