I usually stay quiet and don’t like to post statuses such as these but there’s so much injustice in this world that it’s sickening. I’m not just talking about the bombings, I’m talking about daily violence, racism and prejudice against one another, and the reoccurring corruption in many of our systems. It all comes to the point of realizing the spectrum of malevolence we’re currently experiencing needs to end. However, this is more than realizing; we need to cut the root of problems by choosing to act, which will spark a chain of reaction. Rather than simply lamenting which will bring about nothing, choosing to act–even bringing about awareness in any shape or form is better than just moping about. And like I said before, although it may seem like nothing, a positive chain reaction is inevitable. It is also important because it affects everyone and will bring about more hatred, rage, and even death if we do not treat the problem upon the initial stage of diagnosis and allow it to progress. By focusing on the root of the problem, we can prevent a catalyst for further disarray.  #prayforbelgiumbutalsoact

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