Film Review: Sausage Party (2016)

Cartoons have nearly always been considered for children no matter what the genre. So one can imagine excitement at being told there’s an exclusive film for adults, right?

Directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tierman with the screenplay by Seth Rogan, the comedy flick follows the life of food items that occupy shelves at a supermarket. The food items can’t wait to go home with a happy customer—believing that they’re going to “The Great Beyond,” (thinking of it as a type of paradise.) Frank (Seth Rogan) and Carl (Jonah Hill) the sausages, Brenda (Kristen Wiig) the hot dog bun, Kareem Abdul (David Krumholtz) the Lavash flatbread, Theresa (Salma Hayek) the taco, and Sammy Bagel Jr. (Edward Norton) soon find their world crashing down as the truth of “The Great Beyond” comes crashing down on them.

“They are eating CHILDREN! *ucking CHILDREN!”

The true horror

Get ready to get triggered…by its hilarity. Many films nowadays fail to make us laugh due to their hackneyed jokes and fear of offending people with its humor. But in all honesty, just what can we do to ensure every single person is satisfied? Because of conservative views, films are often stripped of their true essence and potential their creators hope to attain with its audiences. But not Sausage Party. The animated flick goes all out just as its directors (likely) envisioned. With its never-ending profanity, controversial stereotyping, and sex-raging humor, Rogan surprised me in being able to get away with jokes many are too afraid or sensitive to say—and I loved it.

” *About to be sliced and diced* Please-a, no! I got-a familia!”

Although some may seem put off by this, it’s all in good humor. After all, the entirety of the movie pokes fun at everyone, including themselves. People just need to be a little less sensitive and a little more light-hearted is all. Having said that, although some of the jokes are lazy a lot of its humor is also clever, such as an interesting feud between the middle eastern and kosher section. But if that still doesn’t get you interested, remember that Sausage Party is essentially a satire and parodies many things, such as Disney and Dreamworks. You’ll see cute little food items wearing gloves and cute little smile—and they’re especially cute when we see them getting chopped up. We all love Disney, but c’mon, why not? Note: Just an FYI, most of the jokes will likely appeal to youths and seem ridiculous to older folk.

“For the love of *hit, RUN!”

Can you guess the parody?

Now let’s talk about the plot. The concept of the film is definitely unique, and what’s more: it’s original. In today’s Hollywood, too often are we forced to endure remakes, sequels, and unoriginal ideas. Sausage Party is great because it gives us originality—which is what we’ve been waiting for. Having said that, there are times in the movie where the plot tended to drag a bit. The trailer depicts the film to have many violent scenes involving the food items getting eaten, smooshed, etc. However, the film only has a few of those ‘fun’ scenes. In my opinion, it would’ve been more interesting if Vernon and Tierman included more of those types of scenes.

“You’re all alive, and looking at me with your little shoes, and your arms and your legs..” “Legs, huh? Look at me! Look at me! I ain’t got no legs, you *uck! You ate my *oddamn legs!”

All in all, this Pixar film for adults was an entertaining flick to watch. Did I have higher expectations? Sure. But was it still good? Absolutely. By no means was it meant to be taken seriously; it is an amusing film meant to relax through. After having seen Sausage Party, I really believe that more adult animated films should be created—as they have potential other than just comedies. Sausage Party is hilarious, raunchy, and crude. Go watch it now.

*HintHint: James Franco makes an appearance as a tubby druggie, yay! *

Running Time: 1 h. 30 min.


Final Verdict: B

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