Social Media & Allowing Ourselves To Get Used To Crying Our Sorry Butts Off Together

Does anyone ever go on social media and close it upon being greeted by such an immensely negative environment and just needing to distance yourself from it? I’m not talking about the faux air of a happy, perfected life that people display. I’m talking about the cluster-block of self-deprecation, self-pity, and lack of self-respect posts that so many of us indulge ourselves in. Sure others’ company allow us to laugh and keep us company. But the problem occurs when it happens again, again, and again, piling up without us realizing, and we subconsciously begin to ALWAYS put ourselves down, or NEVER believe in our individual values or potential. Screw that.You can joke around. You can laugh. I’m not saying anything’s wrong with that.

But you shouldn’t ever think yourself as nothing. Believe in your fireball of agency. Believe in your tusks of capability that allow you to steer your life a different direction than the one you’re drifting down on. Believe in yourself!

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