This or That, But None Of Either As A Matter of Fact

You post happy, inspirational posts. They assume you’re always happy– when you’re trying to be strong. You post a picture of yourself smiling. They think you’re showing your happiness off–when you were just in a slump two minutes ago and trying to be confidently positive.You post a pic with a friend. They assume you’re surrounded by loved ones–when you feel so alone without your family. You post a picture of yourself traveling. They assume you always go out– when you barely do and were just reminding yourself of happier times. You post about your achievements. They assume your success just came to you with little to no effort–when you’ve given up a social life and time for yourself. You post about your struggles. They tell you to stop whining– when you were just trying to be honest and help others by letting them know someone else is also going through a hard time. You decide to be more there for people and help them with whatever they need. They’re ungrateful and pinpoint what you haven’t done for them–when you push your own schedule aside for them while thinking of how you’d bring a smile to their face the entire time. You’re busy doing things for other people and don’t have time for yourself and working on achieving your dreams. They assume you’re free and just enjoy wasting time–when that’s obviously not the case.

The stress of it all gathers up and you finally explode.

You open up to someone about what’s bothering you. They brush it aside, thinking their problems are bigger are yours–when it’s not as simple as it seems.You mention how trapped you feel. They belittle you, saying you’re dramatic–when you’re so damn tired of feeling suffocated. You explain your story. They turn the story against you and make themself the victim and yourself the problem. You defend yourself. They tell you you’ve got a snake’s tongue.

Lesson of the text: Is it just me, or is it a human tendency to make others feel like garbage and never look at the situation from their perspective? Where’s all the empathy, man? 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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