Belated Mother’s Day Poem (Arab Countries)

She’s as elegant as the royal ruby color of the rose

She’s as soft as the silk petals’ caresses

She’s as sweet as the inviting, sensitively-affectionate glow of the rose

She’s as rejuvenatingly calming as the rich, sweet aroma that refreshes your senses

She’s as innocent as the way the stem’s thorns were born to want to defend the rose

She’s as pure as the bewildering vibrancy that makes you cry for its beauteous rarity it expresses

She’s as strong as the persistent petals’ will to protect the center of the rose

She’s as reigniting as the strength the rose calls for you to protect the life it possesses

She’s as symbolic as the rose is of the human soul.

She’s the rose of my heart!

She’s my mom!


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