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Dana Dargos: An Award-Winning Lebanese-American Author and Creative Content Creator

Dana Dargos is an accomplished writer, creative content creator, and author of the award-winning debut novel, Einstein in the Attic. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Dana’s passion for writing emerged in her kindergarten years, where she created crayon-scribbled, staple-ridden stories inspired by various entertainment media, such as Don Bluth’s The Land Before Time and Naughty Dog’s videogame, Jak and Daxter. Yes, it’s a bit silly, dramatic, and pretentious to imply that Dana was anything close to being a child prodigy because of her doodles. But those simple days 21 years ago along with her imaginative nature did spark the beginning of Dana’s fervor for story-crafting.

In high school, her decision to become an author solidified upon reading Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. The novel enamored her with Bronte’s ability to stitch words in such a particular, accurate, and dexterous manner that evoked emotion and empathy from the reader and made both the reader and narrator feel understood whilst exploring the human condition.  

Dana’s imaginative nature and love for storytelling only grew stronger over time, leading her to pursue a degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley.

Dana Dargos’ impressive career spans across multiple fields, including journalism, technical writing, and content creation. After earning her degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley, she held various positions such as columnist, magazine and film review writer, editor, and content creator for prominent companies like Facebook and Lucid Motors. Additionally, she collaborated with her uncle, Said Al Bizri, to create her debut novel, Einstein in the Attic, which has won numerous awards.

Outside of her professional life, Dana enjoys an array of hobbies that include activism, reading, traveling, fashion, painting, learning new things, and horseback riding. She is also a fan of film, hockey, cosplaying, fencing, self-care, adventuring, acting, and spas. She takes pleasure in spending time with her friends and family, making babies laugh, spoiling her bunny, Fufi, and pup, Rocky, and adding humor to everyday life. Dana’s passion for writing and creative pursuits is reflected in her well-rounded experiences and diverse interests.

Einstein in the Attic is her debut, award-winning novel. It has won eight awards and counting, (the Independent Press Award, the Literary Titan Award, Firebird Book Award, Maincrest Media Book Award, Best Book Award Finalist, and three honorable mentions at the prestigious New York, Hollywood, and San Francisco Book Festivals).

My Accomplishments

Dana Dargos has an impressive list of accomplishments and accolades is a testament to her incredible talent and dedication.

  • Dana Dargos’s thrilling philosophical sci-fi adventure novel, Einstein in the Attic, won an incredible eight awards and counting, (the Independent Press Award, the Literary Titan Award, Firebird Book Award, Maincrest Media Book Award, Best Book Award Finalist, and three honorable mentions at the prestigious New York, Hollywood, and San Francisco Book Festivals). Dana’s numerous achievements have established her as a true powerhouse in the literary sphere, leaving no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with.


  • Her success extends beyond her writing, as Dana has established herself as an engaging, skilled public speaker and promoter. She has hosted successful author readings and signing events and has participated in numerous interviews and podcasts, sharing her creative insights with a wide audience.


  • She has demonstrated her exceptional skills as a speechwriter and editor by crafting the President of MEFS’ 2021 speech and delivering the opening speech for MEFS in Dubai before an audience of esteemed doctors, clinicians, scientists, researchers, and medical journalists.


  • Dana’s talent for marketing and promotion was on full display at her first book booth exhibition at the Bay Area Books Festival in May 2022. Not only did she hold her own among the other authors in attendance, but she also outsold many of them, proving that she has a real gift for connecting with readers and creating a loyal fan base.


  • Her accomplishments have been recognized by publications such as the NY Times, Annahar News, AJ+ News, Assadakah News, MTV Lebanon News, and The National News. Additionally, Dana has been awarded several prestigious scholarships, including the American Association for University Women Scholarship, the Stewart Dawson Memorial Scholarship, and the Newark Optimist Club Joe Burnett Helping Hands Book Scholarship.


  • Dana’s commitment to collaboration and community-building is reflected in her work on the Art of Writing Anthology Book, which she created in partnership with renowned poet Lyn Hejinian and other talented writers. She also collaborated with the Schools of USA Magazine staff to create articles that help bridge the gap between different cultures and assist African students in accessing universities and colleges in the US.


  • Dana’s dedication to making a difference in the world is exemplified by her work with “Jobs for Lebanon,” an NGO that she worked closely with to create approximately 1,000 jobs for the Lebanese people. Her ability to create compelling content and drive positive change has made her a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


  • As if all of this weren’t enough, Dana is also a talented poet, with three published works to her name: “A Vortex Swirls,” “Adorned Devil Wings,” and “Memories of Snow.” Her creativity and drive have earned her recognition as a featured senior in UC Berkeley’s yearbook, cementing her status as a true rising star in the literary world.

Meet Fufi

Hi, everyone! My name’s Fufi and I’m my mama’s bestest friend in the whole wide world. My birthday’s on February 15 and I’m three-years-old.

I’m a curious and adventurous bunny who loves nothing more than exploring the great outdoors. When I’m not out and about, you can find me napping on my cozy, fuzzy, pink blanket, playing tag with my mom, and showing off my sassy attitude from time to time. 

And just in case you’re wondering, of course I love to munch on tasty treats, like carrots, cucumbers, yogurt drops, dried strawberries, and nibble rings,

And let’s not forget about my affectionate side – I love nothing more than kissing and snuggling with my mom.

 You’ll often find me on Mamas’s social media supporting her—whether it’s nudging her to get back to work, sprinkling her pages with some cuteness and education or cheering her on—I always make the world so much better.

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Hi, Master–I mean, everyone. My name’s Rocky and I love my master, (who imagines that I speak with a lisp). I am a devout pup and pledge my entire allegiance to my Master. I’m seven-and-a-half year old man.

In case you were wondering, I’m a hyper Pitbull-Rottweiler mix. I may look frightening, but I’m a sweet boy…unless I don’t like you. I’m also an intelligent creature that likes to play dumb, (although there are times where I’m not pretending).

 I love to smile, lay in the sun, (or on my king cushion), scratch my back against the pavement, wrestle, play fetch or tug-of-war with my toys, chew on my Kong, sniff around and investigate new smells, bark at opossums and rats I spy running along the edge of my backyard fence, and protect my family.

I also love to show my tricks off to my master and get some treats, (and belly scratches), and give innocent looks to my master until she caves and gives me whatever delicacy she’s enjoying. I love it when my master devotes all of her attention to me, whether it’s giving my belly rubs or sitting on her, (still thinking I’m a baby).

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