About Dana

Dana Dargos is a published Lebanese-American author, writer, and creative content creator born and raised in the Bay Area.

Her writing journey began in kindergarten where she’d create crayon-scribbled, staple-ridden stories, (often inspired by random entertainment media, such as Don Bluth’s The Land Before Time and the videogame Jak and Daxter), and proudly present them to the class. Yes, it’s a bit silly, dramatic, and pretentious to imply that Dana was anything close to being a child prodigy because of her doodles. But those simple days 21 years ago along with her imaginative nature did spark the beginning of Dana’s fervor for story-crafting.

In high school, her choice to become an author solidified upon reading Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. The novel enamored her with Bronte’s ability to stitch words in such a particular, accurate, and dexterous manner that evoked emotion and empathy from the reader and made both the reader and narrator feel understood whilst exploring the human condition.  

Dana’s diligence, perseverance, and passion for writing lead to her graduating from UC Berkeley’s English Literature program in 2018. 

During and after college, she held a variety of positions, such as a columnist, magazine, and film review writer, an editor, a technical writer, and content creator for various companies, including Facebook. She started working on Einstein in the Attic with 2015 with her uncle, Said Al Bizri, and completed it in 2020.

In addition to writing, Dana enjoys a myriad of activities in her spare time. Her favorite hobbies include traveling, reading, fashion, shopping, painting, fighting for activist causes, self-care, acting, making babies laugh, indulging in film, horseback riding, playing hockey, adventuring, learning new things, cosplaying, hanging out with her friends and family, fencing, spending time at the spa, spoiling her bunny, Fufi, rotten, and sprinkling a little humor into life.

Einstein in the Attic is her debut novel.

My Accomplishments

  • Published three poems
  • Collaborated with renowned poet, Lyn Hejinian, and other talented minds to create the Art Of Writing Anthology Book
  • Was referenced in the NY Times and featured in Annahar News, AJ+ News, Annahar News, Assadakah News, MTV Lebanon News, and The National News
  • Was awarded the American Association for University Women Scholarship, the Stewart Dawson Memorial Scholarship, and the Newark Optimist Club Joe Burnett Helping Hands Book Scholarship
  • Was a featured senior in UC Berkeley’s yearbook
  • Collaborated with the Schools of USA Magazine staff, to crate articles that helped African students access universities and colleges in the US and vice versa, while bridging the intimidating gap between different cultures

Meet Fufi

Hi, everyone! My name’s Fufi and I’m my mama’s bestest friend in the whole wide world. My birthday’s on February 15 and I’m almost two-years-old.

I love to go for walks and explore the outdoors, nap on my cozy, fuzzy, pink blanket, play tag, throw some attitude every now and then, munch on my favorite treats, like carrots, cucumbers, yogurt drops, dried strawberries, and nibble rings, (whenever I’m a good girl), and kiss and snuggle with my mom.

If you didn’t notice, I love my mama so much for a lot of reasons; She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s sweet, she’s funny, she’s playful, she gives me attention and makes me the center of the universe—the list can go on and on.

But other than that, she’s also one heck of a writer-which is why I love to work as her little writing assistant. You’ll often find me on Mommy’s social media supporting her—whether it’s nudging her to get back to work, sprinkling her pages with some cuteness and education or cheering her on—I always make the world so much better.

I'm into a LOT of things!