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Why The 2019 Oscars Was A Big Night For Arabs All Around The Globe

When I first started watching the Oscars a decade ago, I did so for the same various reasons most people do: the fashion, the big-name celebrities, introducing myself to a new year’s list worth of films, etc. It was for entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. But with every passing year, I’ve noticed that the Oscars

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Film Review: Lion (2017)

2017: New year, means this girl’s finally gonna post some reviews on new movies, right? Yes sireee. For today’s update, I will be reviewing 6-time Oscar nominee, Lion. I know what you’re thinking. “Whoaaaa, it won six Oscars?” No little petunia, see that’s where you’re wrong. I said nominee, not winner. But even so, it sure as heck is

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Film Review: Room (2015)

Never had I paid much attention to Oscar-nominated films. Sure, some of them were good, but usually they turned out to be a cluster of drama and nonsense. Nevertheless, I decided to be a bit more open-minded and give more films a try. Little did I know I’d savagely seize a movie called Room off

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